LadyKirin - Young at Heart! LadyKirin - Young at Heart! LadyKirin - Young at Heart!
LadyKirin - Young at Heart!

Vacation Layouts

1991 - Trip to Las Vegas for SIGGRAPH Convention w/ side trips to L.A., Meteor Crater & Grand Canyon

Don't remember where I got the
paper.  Used stencils for letters

Unfortunately few Vegas pics
came out so I used postcards

 Stickers and die cuts are from a Hallmark
scrapbooking kit.

 Border and matching stickers are from Frances Meyer.
Title was made from a Pebbles lettering template.

Paper, borders and stickers are from a Hallmark
Disney scrapbook kit.

A classic '60's sort of tourist attraction on Old Rt. 66.
Stickers from Frances Meyers.

Couldn't resist the cute little howling coyote punch!
Kept layout simple to not compete with Grand Canyon.
Pebbles lettering template used for title.
1992 - Long Weekend in San Francisco
1996? - Trip to Sea World, Orlando

Have more pics to put in scrapbook.
Couldn't think of anything better for Lombard St.

CM Borderline used for border.  Misc. stickers.
1996 - Trip to New Orleans for IAPPA Convention

Probably Mrs. G. stickers

First attempt at a handmade
pocket page!

Lovely little zoo.
CM die cuts, I think.

Got to play with my circle
cutter!  Mrs. G. stickers.
Summer 1997 - Trip to NY, NJ and PA

State die cuts made from clip
art that comes with Corel Draw.

Skyline was cut freehand.  Stickers from Mrs. G.

Used a simple art template
and colored pencils.

Fiskar's art deco scissors were used for corners.

Didn't realize until too late that I should have started the
poem border down the LEFT side!!

A very impressive place full of tradition and honor!
Paper Pizzaz camo paper.  CM letter stickers.

Harness Racing in Goshen, NY.  There is no betting
allowed so there were many families & much fun!
Cut track freehand, added CM horse die cut.

A good bit of restoration has been undertaken.
Paper Pizzaz wood grain paper used for boardwalk.

Taj Mahal Casino
Border pieced from a few pages of 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

Where it's Mardi Gras all year long!
Mrs. Grossman stickers but I don't remember where
I got the diecuts.

Beautiful countryside!
Found stickers in a P.A.
Dutch gift shop.

Sakura opaque markers,
Paper Pizzaz.  Guard
let people to touch bell!

Paper Pizzaz paper and CM lettering stickers?
Lovely little zoo!

Didn't want to add much decoration as the cave was
impressive enough!

A restored steam engine and turn of century coaches
took us on a wonderful ride through the PA countryside.
Frances Meyer paper.

A fully restored luxury coach.
CM heritage stickers & Fiskar's fancy scissors.

A chocoholic's paradise!!
Hand cut out the kisses.  Standard white letter stickers.

Fun amusement park!  Think I used Paper Pizzaz
paper for the border.
LadyKirin - Young at Heart!